Odds comparison – Find the best odds online from the best bookies online. We compare all odds from bookies in the UK.

Compare odds – Why is it important?

In the odds comparison, we compare odds between the 20 best betting companies so you can easily find the best odds. We compare odds on a number of sports including Football, Tennis, Basketball, Handball and Ice Hockey and more.

You see today’s matches automatically and you can choose which date you want to see matches from. You can also search for any match you want odds on in any sport. All betting companies that are included in the odds comparison have a UK license and are approved to bet with in United Kingdom.

By comparing odds from several bookies, you can choose to play where the odds are the highest, which gives you bigger profits in the end. Our odds comparison compares odds from up to 10 betting companies and then you easily find the best odds to bet on.

If you play where the odds are the highest, you can earn big money. Our odds comparison will help you in your search for the best and highest odds on a single match. In general, the odds change a lot, closer you get to the start of the match. So sometimes it can be good to have a patience and wait until the odds are at their highest on who you think will win. In other cases, it may be good to place a bet early before all known information is available. Then the betting companies often find it more difficult to value their odds and thus take a bit more chances.

By comparing over 40 betting companies that we do, you are guaranteed to find the betting company that you prefer when you want to bet on odds with the highest odds.

Find the right match in our Odds comparison

In order for you to easily find the right match to bet on, we recommend the date function which you will find at the top of the odds comparison. You choose the date and then which match you want to compare the odds on! You can also choose which sport, league or tournament you want odds on. If you click on your match, you will get all the odds from the bookies that have odds on the match. You can then choose which betting market you want to bet on.

Full-time is selected by default, but most markets can be selected from the drop-down list. You can also sort by the companies that have the highest odds on the home team by clicking on “HOME”, “DEFINED” or “AWAY”.

Odds Comparison - Find the best odds from bookies

Payouts percentage from Bookies

If you want to choose a bookie that often has high odds, you should check the payouts percentage. It is under the PAYOUTS tab and shows how much of the winnings goes back to the player. The higher the percentage, the better the refund to the players. This is different from match to match, but generally it is a good tool when you want to choose which betting company you want to place your odds with.

You can also sort out the betting companies with the highest odds by clicking the HOME button if you want to see which betting companies have the highest odds on a Home Win. DRAW button if you want to see which companies have the best odds draw. Away if you want to see the highest odds for the away team. This method applies to all individual matches that you find in the odds comparison.

Up and down arrows indicate odds change.

A green arrow next to the odds indicates that the odds have increased since the last update. A red down arrow indicates that the odds have been lowered. This way you can follow the odds in real time and also live when you play to know when it is best to place your bet. Our odds comparison also gives you live odds that allow you to place your live bet with the best odds.

New smart functions in the odds comparison

With this new odds comparison that we added in collaboration with Oddspedia, there are a bunch of new and smart features. Click on the odds you want to bet on and you end up directly at the bookie. The odds are updated in real time and are always accurate. Get and receive odds for Full Time, First Half and Second Half. Choose which sport you want to watch matches from.

You can pick from the following sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis,
  • Basketbal
  • Ice Hockey
  • Esport
  • Volleyball
  • Handball

If you click on the more button, you will get odds on sports such as American Football, Bandy, Indoor Bandy, Table Tennis and many more sports. You can also sort by Competitions under each sport. For example, if you want to see all matches in the Premier League, you can choose to receive these odds. If you click on the Live button, you will get all the matches that are running now. Yes, there are loads of new and smart features in this odds comparison. Odds comparison with gambling companies with a UK license.

Why you should compare odds

In the world of sports betting, knowledge is power. To become a successful punter, one must equip oneself with all the necessary tools and information to make informed decisions. This is where an odds comparison site becomes an indispensable asset for any astute bettor.

The primary reason for utilizing an odds comparison site is its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of the betting market. These platforms aggregate odds from various bookmakers, enabling users to compare and contrast different offerings in real-time. This eliminates the need to visit multiple websites or manually scan through various betting platforms, saving precious time that could be better spent on conducting thorough research.

Moreover, an odds comparison site arms punters with the ability to secure the best possible odds for their chosen bet. Since odds can vary significantly across bookmakers, finding the best price is crucial to maximize potential returns. With a single click, an odds comparison site can display the current odds from different bookmakers, allowing bettors to select the most advantageous option. This not only enhances the chances of a profitable outcome but also ensures that one isn’t inadvertently settling for inferior odds.

Stay up to date with the odds movements

Furthermore, an odds comparison site enables punters to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and fluctuations. These platforms often provide valuable insights into how bookmakers are adjusting their odds in response to various factors such as team form, player injuries, or weather conditions. By analyzing these trends, bettors can make more informed predictions and exploit potential opportunities overlooked by others.

Lastly, using an odds comparison site fosters a culture of informed decision-making. By having access to a wide range of betting options along with their respective odds, punters are encouraged to critically assess each bet’s value and probability of success. This cultivates a disciplined betting approach, rooted in analysis rather than impulse, ultimately enhancing one’s chances of long-term profitability.

In conclusion, utilizing an odds comparison site is an essential tool for any serious punter. By offering access to real-time odds, insights into market trends, and simplifying the process of finding the best prices, these platforms empower bettors to make smarter, more informed decisions. Whether one is a novice or experienced punter, using an odds comparison site is a crucial step toward becoming a better bettor.