Roulette Rules

Roulette is the most classic and legendary of all casino games. It has existed since the late 1700's and is still one of the most popular games. The Europeean roulette consists of numbers 1-36 in a variety of red and black colors and No. 0 which has a green color. American Roulette also has a double zero 00. Roulette is one of the game's most associated with the chance to become a millionaire.

Roulette Game Strategy and Game Tips

There are a number of different Roulette system or strategies that it is talked about but there is no system that provides secure money in Roulette. Had there been so had all used it. However, it is good to know what chances you have and what gives the most money back to us Online Roulette players. The bank's advantage is usually set at between 1 to 2 percent in Roulette. It is a little worse than Blackjack odds, but better than the odds for most of the other Casino games. The big difference from Blackjack is that Roulette can win a lot of money if the ball hits the right number. We strongly advise against choosing from the American Roulette where the Casino gives an extra advantage.

Best tip for Roulette

It is best to play red / black in Roulette then you hit correctly at 48.6% of the cases. This, together with the game hint to play short Roulette sessions where long game sessions give the bank more advantage.

For those who want to gain greater amounts can try a single number at Roulette that gives 35 times their money back. A good option is to play a lot in a specific Roulette number and hope that the number hits.

It is said that the most likely game to be a Millionaire in is Roulette. If one starts with 1000 dollar and put it on a single number and hits one has the 35000 dollar. Then put all your profit on a single number and it wins again, you have 1,225,000 dollar! But that happens only once for 1 time on the 1369 trial.

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Game Tip - Try Roulette from Betsson for Free

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